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Climate Change: Why are thousands of species facing extinction?

The Earth's biodiversity is decreasing at a faster rate than ever before. Why is this happening?

Plastic pollution: Bangor divers cleaning up the seabed

A group of divers are taking beach clean ups to the next level by diving for litter under water.

Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright joins kids' plastic toy push

Actress Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley, meets children who are upcycling their toys.

Baby long-eared owl Rusty learns to fly at botanic garden

Rusty is five weeks old and was born in captivity - so needs a little help to spread his wings.

Tracking the lives of some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world.

Ten years into a unique scientific project monitoring the famous forest, what have researchers learned?

Baby elephant takes first wobbly steps

The Asian elephant was born at Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium.

The solar-power charged electric cars making money

The new cars being tried out in Porto Santo can sell solar power electricity back to the island grid.

How plastic bottles are paying for lessons in Nigeria

A school in Nigeria is accepting empty plastic bottles in exchange for payment of school fees.

How do you vacuum plastic from a beach?

Engineers in Canada have devised a machine they say can clean small pieces of plastic from Hawaii's "Trash Beach".

Where dogs wear pollution masks

South Korea's dogs have to go for walkies in some of the worst air in the developed world.

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