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Paris enters into week of extreme heat

French cities including the capital Paris have taken measures to avoid a repeat of a deadly heatwave of summer 2003 as unprecedented high temperatures sweep over continental Europe this week.

Runaway bear cub found after disappearing in Pyrenees

A malnourished bear cub has been found days after escaping his enclosure in the French department of Tarn, in southwestern France. The 5-month-old cub, named Douillous, had been taken into care when he was found, very weak, after being separated from his mother.

Radioactivity levels abnormally high in France’s Loire river

French nuclear watchdogs warned on Tuesday that they had registered abnormally high radioactivity levels in part of the central River Loire downstream from five atomic reactors.

Severe drought pushes Namibia to auction off some of its wildlife

Namibia will auction one thousand of its wild animals because  a severe drought is threatening their lives. The government hopes to raise one million euros to fund wildlife conservation.

Paris makes a splash for World Oceans Day

Hundreds of people took part in a march in Paris calling for better protection for oceans and their resources on Saturday. World Oceans Day was initiated by Canadian ocean development agencies at the Rio Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992.

Most plastic pollution in Mediterranean 'comes from France'

The Mediterranean is sick with plastic waste – and France is largely to blame. That’s the assessment of the World Wildlife Fund, whose report released Friday is urging decision-makers to get on board with policies to address the problem.

Interview: French climate activist on impact of global youth movement

French youth were a bit late to the Youth for Climate movement. But they are not less motivated to drive home the urgency of climate change.

China winning the fight against deadly air pollution

Nine out of ten people on the planet are breathing polluted air – which the United Nations says is a violation of human rights that prematurely kills 7 million people every year.

France could ban destruction of unsold consumer products

France is considering banning retailers from destroying unsold consumer products, to cut down on waste and protect the environment. If legislation is passed, it will affect all retailers, including sites like Amazon, and luxury goods brands.

Child's blood sample shows spike in lead pollution following Notre-Dame blaze

Families with small children and pregnant women living in central Paris have been urged to undergo tests to detect levels of lead in their bloodstream, after high concentrations were found in a child in the wake of the 15 April blaze that gutted the Notre-Dame cathedral.

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